Sunday, January 2, 2011

Various Internet Business Trends

Long time never blogging again because of busy time-consuming. Want to post once seemed routine, but because of time become less supportive of this blog is not neglected. I have long tried to share the kind of business on the internet than from PPC (Pay Per Click) to buy the ebook to be applied like other bloggers who have been making dollars from internet business. Perhaps because of impatience or perhaps less patient and less to work hard, then the results I get only so much for it.

Only the PPC like NeoBux, OnBux, MyCubie, and others. From the third PPC although a bit but has come into my PayPal bag. Frankly this third of my produce, despite the remaining boundary cashout request, I wait until a full month, but no proof. Yes it might be called a scam. Although we only participate as a member free alias free member. But to see and read that they offer, it does not fit with what they promised.

Well now trying to not grandiose but may produce. Last week of December 29, 2010 I request payout from ReadBud are reading the article but can be money. That request a payment of $ 50.37. Pretty big too, but what's really paying? He said the hell just wait a month paid through PayPal. We await further news, I hope to pay and not a scam. And if true, is it the buddy can come like me. Wow, forget tomorrow on January 3, 2011 the plan will request payout from NeoBux because it is the minimum demand of approximately $ 4 only. Okay the dude, go ahead with our business and we can share each other and share knowledge. Although a little but useful, maybe it's better. Regards.