Thursday, April 14, 2011

NeoBux and OnBux

You must have been familiar with the business click or PPC (Pay Per Click)? Like NeoBux, Onbux, IncreaseBux, and so forth. We know that NeoBux

Right now you should know that NeoBux has begun to lower the price per click, from a previous $ 0.01 and the number of ads at least 4 pieces. So if the minimum number of clicks per day $ 0.04 for a member free. But now has changed from the previous $ 0.01 to $ 0.001 with relatively many of the original ad. There is a minimum of 8 ads for more. But it adds up to value of $ 0.001 multiplied by eight ads, the results are not up to $ 0.04, only amounted to $ 0.08.

Why is that? I think maybe because its members have too much, plus free, then chances are the admin down the price per click for NeoBux keep it running and its members remain loyal. For the members, although the price per click down, it does not hurt. Remember, because it was free. Another with an already upgraded its membership. It may remain or also declined. We'll see.

And Onbux fixed price per click was $ 0.01. Good luck.Good luck.

Above is a screen shoot me from NeoBux and Onbux. You can see the difference. And when click from Zero, it's the same and now you can see the results. Tomorrow I can ask for payment on Onbux.